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Eupheus Learning is creating co-branded solutions, from Pre K-12 standard, with World Book, Inc. based on their expertise and knowledge, customized to the need of the educational sector in India with editorial involvement of the World Book team.

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Merry Go Round

A new series for Pre-school kids

MERRY GO ROUND is two-level course for pre-school students in the age group of 4 to 6 years. It covers
English, Mathematics and EVS.

The content for each subject in each level is divided into two terms. Comprising 12 books in all, this series is designed to make learning a fun and enjoyable journey!

Supplemented with World Book’s Early World of Learning for all grades.

Early World of Learning


  • Easy-to-use series that makes teaching and learning enjoyable for teachers and learners alike
  • Uses a combination of stories and rhymes to explain concepts
  • Features a child-friendly design wherein all the learning material is presented on the left page and
    the practice material is presented on the right page
  • Includes two sets of skill development review pages in each term in each book
  • Provides ample opportunities for revision and practice to reinforce learning
  • Utilizes simple board games to reinforce good habits, values, and multiple concepts

WoW! Maths

Concrete–Pictorial–Abstract (CPA) approach

WOW! MATHS is a comprehensive programme for K-8 learners based on the innovative and effective teaching and learning practices of Singapore. The programme incorporates the Singapore Bar Model Method (a pedagogical strategy recognized globally and ranked the highest in TIMSS) and heuristics (problem-solving strategies) intricately woven with the guidelines of the NCF 2005 and syllabuses listed by various state boards.

It adopts a Concrete–Pictorial–Abstract (CPA) approach to promote student engagement, reinforce and consolidate learning. The programme recognizes the importance of developing skills of 21st century in learners.

WoW! World within Worlds

Move away from ROTE learning. Think out of the box!

WOW! World within Worlds is an outstanding series of General Knowledge textbooks for classes 1 to 8 . The series demonstrates a cross curricula approach of—worlds within a world, where each topic is linked to various subjects like literature, mathematics, history, geography, life skills, value education, art & culture etc. moving from global to India specific content.

This series ushers a realization that subjects, which are otherwise taught in silos, have an underlying commonality. It is an integrated, one of a kind series that is engaging, fun, and a whole new experience in learning. The level of content maps to the curricula taught in the class.

Textbooks include : Four Test Papers |Two Do-It-Yourself activities for classes 1 to 5 | Two guided projects for classes 6 to 8

Supplemented with:

World Book Kids(For classes 1-4)– An image-driven navigation, this premier reference website will help young students discover and explore information quicker and easier than ever.

World Book Student(For classes 5-8) – Featuring responsive design, daily current events, assessment tools for educators, and dedicated resource guides to provide blueprints for advanced learning and college and career readiness.

WoW! Computer Science

Learn computers as an essential tool to perform routine tasks.

WOW! COMPUTER SCIENCE is designed to help students learn computers as an essential tool to perform routine tasks. It focuses on imparting a thorough understanding of the utility and underlying principles of various applications using real-world age-appropriate examples and situations. In-text additional features to provide additional information, tips and tricks, computer etiquette and other focus on correct positions, etc.

WOW! Book Covers – Computer-generated images and graphics have become an essential and common element in movies and video games. Computer-generated imagery can also be used to generate artwork, produce creative visualizations of ideas and structures, and render three-dimensional (3D) images of landscapes. The covers of Wow! Computer Science feature computer-generated images that range from being life-like to fantastical. Simply wow!

WoW! Grammar & Composition

Ideal for young learners in the early stages of English language learning.

WOW! GRAMMAR & COMPOSITION brings together structural and functional grammar through systematic practice and fun activities. Ideal for young learners in the early stages of English language learning, the series is based on a unique curriculum design that recycles grammar points at every level and builds on previous understanding.

This spiralling curriculum design eases the learning curve and helps students negotiate new grammar topics from familiar premises. The material has been thoroughly class tested and piloted by some of the best curriculum teachers.

Supplemented with Fiction Express – For inculcating the habit of reading
Integrated with the book, Fiction Express is an innovative book platform that connects students with professional authors, encouraging reading for pleasure through fun co-creation of stories. Every year, six books are published on the website in weekly chapters. What happens next is entirely up to the readers. Using their votes, they are able to decide where the plot goes next. Then the author will bring the most popular choice to life.

WoW! EVS, Science & SST

Reduced weight | Exciting and interesting for students | Designed using rigorous pedagogical research

WOW! SCIENCE and SOCIAL SCIENCE follows a Booklet Approach (one for each chapter) to reduce weight of the school bag for classes 3-8 and WOW! EVS for classes 1&2 .

It is based on Compass Model, which is a curriculum solution that has three elements:

Lesson plans for teachers 

  • Designed using rigorous pedagogical research
  • Simple to implement, yet effective in class
  • Ensures high teaching quality across all teachers
  • Provides on the job training for teachers

Chapter-wise study booklets for students

  • Reduced weight
  • B5 size – Better ergonomics
  • Exciting and interesting for students
  • High readability
  • Active note taking
  • Homework designed to ensure a move away from rote learning

App for teachers

  • Technology just works for the teacher
  • No internet access needed in class
  • Rich multimedia
  • Easy access to relevant content