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World Book eBooks features

Access to over 2,500 ebooks and World Book® exclusive content!

  • Exclusive access to 460 proprietary World Book eBooks
  • Unlimited simultaneous users per book and unlimited renewals per user
  • Mobile app gives access to ebooks on device of choice
  • Offline access to ebooks saved to a personal bookshelf
  • Supported on tablets and handheld devices
  • Unlimited, 24/7 simultaneous access and downloads for offline reading
  • Automatically updated and continually growing collection at no additional charge

Subjects Covered:

Animals | Arts and Crafts | Biographies and Autobiographies | Environment | Fiction and Literature | Health | High Interest | History | Humor | Mathematics | Mysteries and Thrillers | Mythology | Nonfiction (general) | Science and Nature | Social Studies | Space | Transportation


World Book Kids features

A visually stunning resource with intuitive iconography, World Book Kids provides thousands of easy-to-read articles with embedded multimedia for increased comprehension includes fantastic age-appropriate resources, such as Important People, Science Projects, Webquests, and

  • PREDICTIVE Search Engine | Over 200 scrollable high-interest images | Feature container allows for quick access to various modules
  • DIG IN! Users are encouraged to dig into content and reach the final browse level, where a search results listing of everything matching is displayed.
  • ARTICLE PAGES feature a large splash image, a Pictures, Videos, and More tab that shows all the media of an article in one place
  • SCIENCE PROJECTS – Eight diverse categories to choose from. Easy-to-do projects for teachers to lead and students to conduct on their own!
  • ACTIVITIES – Easily find a fun activity within eleven categories. Grownups section tab with 75+ lesson plans relating to activities, science projects and games.
  • EDUCATORS TOOLS allow teachers, administrators and parents an access to curriculum correlations, lesson plans, print-and-do activities.

World Book Student features

World Book Student is packed with such research tools as Citation Builder, How to Do Research, Compare Places, Interactive Maps, and the World Book Atlas to help students get the most out of their research experience. World Book editors more fully explain current events in Behind the Headlines, which includes Quizzes and Lesson Plans.

  • Translate articles in over 100 different languages
  • Boolean and Lexile® search capability
  • Cite one of sixteen source types in MLA, APA, and Harvard styles
  • Includes lesson plans, trivia quizzes, and assessment tools
  • Supports flipped classrooms, inquiry-based learning, and critical thinking

World Book Advanced features

A powerful reference tool that includes all the same effective research tools as Student, plus provides users with access to Primary Sources, Historical Documents, and Multimedia directly from each Encyclopedia.

  • Access to a digital saving tool where articles and media can be stored for use
  • Primary sources with advanced lesson plans and assessments for classroom support
  • Access to over 600+ global newspapers
  • Unique content-sharing tool for differentiated learners that directs users to specified content within the database